Sale of passenger vehicles grew by 7.57% in January

Passenger vehicle sales began off on a solid note in the new year growing by 7.57% to 2,85,477 units in January.

As per the information released by the industry body, Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), sales of passenger vehicles had remained at 2,65,389 units in the year-prior period.

Sales of commercial vehicles ascended by a vigorous 39.73% to 85660 units in the period under thought. Two-wheeler sales expanded 33.43% to 1684066 units. While sales of scooters went up by 48.29% to 553695 units, those of motorcycles developed by 28.64% to 1054062 units in January.

Vehicle sales crosswise over classes expanded by 30.71% to 2117746 units.

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