Is It the End of the road for Adani Group?

It is Not the End of the Road for Adani Group

It is very well said that business is a gamble, some days you gain and other days you lose. If you are a business enthusiast or follow stock market closely, you will be very well aware of the fact that the Adani Group, one of the most prestigious business groups is not going all that well across the circuit.

 There was a lot of talk about Adani slipping down the positions of the top 20 richest people of the world, after hovering close to the top for quite a long time.

How it All Started?

After the Hindenburg report was released on January 25, the combined market capitalisation of all the ten Adani stocks have so far lost about Rs 11.5 lakh crore to Rs 7.69 lakh crore. In a relatively short span of time, Adani stocks lost 60% value.

Hindenburg Research had cautioned against price management and accounting fraud by the group. SEBI, has sought details of all ratings of securities and loans of the Adani Group from the credit rating firms.

SEBI told rating companies to share info, including, outlook, all outstanding ratings, and possible updates from any discussions with the business group,

Among all this chaos going around, Adani is trying to soothe investor nerves by prepaying loans and concentrating on cash conservation.

What the Adani Group Offers?

 Adani Group has spread its arms in a number of businesses such as Energy and Utilities, Airports, materials, transportation and logistics, power and energy, food and beverage and others.

 What can Put it Out of the Hole?

Trend of Green Hydrogen in India

Renewable energy is produced in larger quantities and is inexpensive as compared to the traditional fossil fuels, with capacities rising and costs reducing. The implications for the making of green hydrogen. The manufacture of clean hydrogen, in coming to terms the government’s ‘National Hydrogen Mission’, as announced recently, will strengthen the focus of the country on alternative energies.

Green power can both contribute toward India achieving its net zero emissions while allowing the economic ambitions of Indians, chiefly in rural areas. The low-impact expansion promised by the intersection of renewable energy and green fuels with techs, including AI, will propel India toward becoming a 28-trillion-dollar economy by 2050. The future of green hydrogen in India is really bright and will attract more and more collaborations and investments from the global giants.

Switch Toward Sustainable and Green Power

The energy crisis has brought about a global panic and provoked even developed countries started taking the coal-fired power stations back into consideration, showed that the world is still not ready to look beyond the reliance on fossil fuels.

But the basics of green infrastructure are in place. Be it energy flow, the flow of goods, and the flow of data.  Companies are trying to adapt and recalibrate to the demands of economic production while plummeting the carbon footprint. Here, the ability to produce affordable green energy can come in handy.

Energy-consuming businesses including data centres showcase an opportunity for the Adani Group, because companies of the group are looking to expand their generation of renewable energy and their storage capacities. With the advent of quantum computing and 5G.

As per the Adani Group, an individual in the advanced world will contact a data center every 20 seconds. It will benefit from this trend given our capability of building data centers, connect them and provide 100% green power to data centers.

And for India to push itself into a place of global power, because our middle class, youth, digital capability, and infra needs will both create and consume renewable and sustainable energy in the future.

 Coming to a Conclusion

It is a fact that the present for the Adani Group seems a bit hazy, but with it embracing such wide spectrum of the market, it will not be long before the shares start to consolidate and then, also reaching a new high.

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