Astonishing Career Options to Pursue Without A Formal Degree

Parents often worry about their children’s future, most specifically the career they wish to pursue. Sometimes, the tight budget may restrain the aspirants to pursue their careers, and other times the thought of stability in their career.

After class 10, it becomes important to decide the field in which one wants to pursue their career. Doing good research on career options with their future job market, and average expenses on learning and training might be more beneficial, instead blindly opting for any field of study or career option.

We have listed below major career options that does not need a degree.

Digital Marketer: Since, digitalization is rapidly penetrating, with numerous companies seeking ways to promote their businesses on online platforms, and increase their traffic, with improved engagement, a career in digital marketing holds great potential.  

Candidates willing to pursue a career in digital marketing can opt for diploma or certification courses right after class 12th from a reputed institute. The duration of the course typically ranges from 3 months to 12 months. After that, they can pursue an internship, which increases their chances to acquire a full-time job.

Ethical Hacker: Hacking might be fun for numerous tech aspirants, extremely passionate about learning programming languages. Students who wish to pursue a career as an ethical hacker can opt for computer science in 10+2, those who missed computer science in 10+2 can still pursue the career.

It is crucial to learn computer programming languages to pursue this career, one can learn them through internet or join some reputed institution. After that, candidates can get themselves enrolled in a CEH course that offers formal certification that is highly valuable for career growth due to its recognition.

Computer Programmer: This techie career has huge demand since the technology is rapidly evolving and penetrating across various sectors. The technology-driven devices that run on the instructions of computers are increasingly being used in numerous industries for time-saving and inexpensive operations with minimal human intervention. The demand for computer programmers is rising to code the instruction on which these devices function. Aspirants can learn computer programming languages to pursue this career after 10+2. The major computer programming languages are C++, C, Java, Python, HTML, and others.

Actor: If you have a passion for acting, then do not give up on your dreams. After completion of 10+2, one can take admission in acting or direction courses offered by reputed institutes. NSD is such a prominent institute in India. Besides this, aspirants can also join theatre classes to enhance their skills by practicing and performing live on stage. After completion of the course, candidates can do internships in production houses to expand their knowledge of the field.

Director: A degree is also not required to pursue a career as a film director. The process goes the same as with the actor. One needs to enhance their skills to pursue this career. Learning about camera angles, their positioning with the subject, and storytelling ideas, along with establishing the shots with effective storytelling is crucial to pursue this career. After completing 10+2, one can join film direction courses offered in reputed institutes and pursue an internship in the production house.

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