Are You Suffering from Social Media Anxiety?

Does scrolling through social media bring you anxiety? Social media connected us to the virtual world but disconnected us from the real world. People take the risk of life to get some sort of attention on social media, with likes, comments, and views.

No doubt, a career as a social media influencer may bring huge fame and popularity, but it vanishes with the end of each trend on social media. Not gaining enough attention on social media, or seeing people having better lifestyles than the one you could afford brings you to the dark side of the virtual world that increases stress and anxiety.

Social media cleanse is garnering popularity as more people have understood the need to get overcome their social media addiction. You need to take a deliberate break from social media. Logging out from all your social media accounts will help you overcome anxiety and get better sleep.

You need to understand what is social media addiction to get detoxified. If your brain gets little dopamine jolts after getting validated on social media through likes, views, and comments, then it means you have a social media addiction.

The social media detox involves decreasing more hours spent on social media on a regular basis, before completely getting rid of the social media addiction. One must turn off social media notifications to reduce compulsive checking.

You might not acknowledge it, but social media consumes a lot of your time. Getting a break from social media will help you increase productivity. As per research, it has been found that social media impacts mental health. The widely popular term on social media such as Envy and FOMO is linked to anxiety and depression.

Benefits of Social Media Detox

  • According to a study, social media detox makes people feel better. It keeps their mood boosted. Another major benefit is that it decreases anxiety levels.
  • Usually, people with free time, or when they do not know what to do with their time reach to their phones. Thus, social media detox makes them more focused and helps in clearing mental clutter.
  • Taking a break to stay away from social media boosts the creativity of people. It brings more opportunities for to them in develop or explore new hobbies.
  • FOMO is no more. Social media detox helps in taking the focus away from what everyone is doing in their lives, and increases focus on themselves.
  • After disconnecting from social media, people tend to give more attention to their real-life social circle and it thus helps in building stronger social connections. Moreover, it enhances sleep quality.
  • As people use social media, they tend to spend more time scrolling through the screens of their phones. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that deleting applications will help in reducing the stress on the eyes.
  • Social media detoxing also helps you in getting improve posture and less neck pain, by significantly reducing the time that you spend on social media.

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