The City of Black Magic — Mayong

Are you interested in mysteries? If yes, then Mayong should be a must on your bucket list for a spine-chilling experience. Originating from the word ‘maya’, meaning magic, this is a mysterious village situated in Assam. Located on the banks of the Brahmaputra river, this village is situated at a distance of 40 km from Guwahati. Mayong is a popular tourist spot owing to the famous stories of black magic. These tales and folklore make this place even more exciting to its tourists.

Apart from mystery enthusiasts, this place is a perfect spot for all adventure enthusiasts. The popular adventure sports include trekking and river sports organised in the village. In addition to this, Mayong has a charm for history lovers as well. With varied old remains, this place is a perfect gateway for tourism with an amalgamation of mystery, archaeology, adventure, and scenic beauty.

The Black Magic Hub

Behind the serene view and calm ambience, lies a dark untold story: the story of sorcery and sorcerers! The winds of enchantment blow around the entire village, leaving a spellbound impact on tourism. The tales of turning into animals and men disappearing into the air are renowned in this village. The people residing in this village are the carriers of this wizardry from generation to generation, keeping it alive to date. There are various texts preserved by these villagers about these magical spells. Some of them have been torn to pieces out of fear of getting into the wrong hands. However, the secret behind all of this is not disclosed yet, making this place much more fascinating!

Archaeological Tourism

Mayong is known for its indigenous medicinal system prevalent since medieval times. The area is extremely rich in terms of historical remains and sites of archaeological importance. Are you interested in witnessing chaotic history? If yes, then there are diverse remains spread all over the village, especially at the Mayong Central Museum and Emporium. It has preserved Ayurvedic texts and ancient manuscripts of black magic. It is one of the most-unique museums in India. However, touching these artefacts and photography are strictly prohibited.

Nature Tourism

Renowned for the one-horned rhinoceros and spread across 38 square kilometres, the Pobitora National Park is known for its serene beauty. However, it was turned into a wildlife sanctuary in 1987. The flat floodplains and the hillock in the sanctuary will steal your hearts away!

Religious Tourism

Apart from being well-known for its wizardry, Mayong is known as the land of Pancha Devta. Some religious attractions in this region include Shiva Shrine, Narasinha Ashram, Ganesh Temple and Kechaikhaiti Shrine.

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