Diageo Demands Policy Reforms in States for Spirits Sector from Centre

Diageo India on Tuesday asked the Center to encourage ‘ease of doing business’ that promotes states to introduce reforms for the alcoholic beverage market.

Emphasizing on the need for a ‘stable and simplified policy regime’, the spirit manufacturer also stated there is a requirement for a comprehensive regulatory policy for the industry.

Diageo India Chief Strategy and Corporate Affairs Officer Abanti Sankaranarayanan stated that in the GST regime, premium alcoholic beverages have been the biggest contributor to the state economy thus far via collection of excise revenue.

“In sectors that contribute significantly to state GDP (such as beverage alcohol), we look towards the federal government to encourage states to bring about comprehensive regulatory reform,” she stated.

She further added that the new policy should be such that it “eases out old and obsolete business regulations, adopts a ‘sectoral’ framework that assesses ‘ease of doing business’ across the entire value chain of a sector”

This, the company, stated will create local jobs and offer livelihoods, and also create investment opportunities at the state level. While seeking a decrease in the basic custom or import duties on spirits, Diageo India also asked for a clear pricing scheme that considers the cost of goods and inflation, making it conducive for the state, trade, and manufacturers. The organization also demanded that the government sets deadlines of e-approvals sterner to attain efficiency and transparency, while also asking for the appointing of one central body to oversee and implement the provisions.

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