Jennifer Lawrence Opens up About Dark Phoenix Death Scene

Actor Jennifer Lawrence, whose character ‘Mystique’ dies at the end of the recently release film, ‘Dark Phoenix’, spilled beans on the death scene. Talking about the scene where Mystique dies, Lawrence said, “I teared up a little bit watching Sophie in that scene”

Lawrence, along with her companion cast from Dark Phoenix, appeared on an American late-night talk show and recalled some memories from the movie set.

“Her (Sophie’s) reaction to the death was so emotional,” she added.

Talking about Sophie Turner, who played the main character, Lawrence said that she was weeping in the scene because her dialect coach prior to the scene took her smoke away.  

In the reply, Turner jokingly said, “It’s how I act. Take it away, give it back, that’s happy and sad”

The cast also talked about some other moments from the upcoming movie. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender talked of their time while riding golf carts on the sets of X-Men. “I thought, wow, James is actually really good, really fast, but then I realized that James was just crazy, he’s going way too fast”, said Fassbender.

The show ended with an interesting game, in which all stars went through a container where they had placed chits identifying their biggest fears and tried to guess which fear was whose.

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