Bosch Company Plans Complete Carbon Neutrality

London: German engineering conglomerate, Bosch, the world’s largest supplier to the car sector, said that in order to tackle the challenges posed by climate change, it is proposing complete carbon neutrality. Volkmar Denner, Bosch’s chief executive, said that it is quite important that businesses act now to halt the overheating of the planet, which risks global stability.

“Climate change is not science fiction; it’s really happening,” said Denner. Bosch said that currently it emits nearly 3.3 million tons of carbon dioxide every year, which heavily affects the climate. Its annual energy usage is equivalent to the overall power used by private households in Berlin and Munich cities.

Therefore, the company is planning to use renewable resources for as much as 40.0% of its supply of energy and increase its energy efficiency. Bosch estimated that the step toward achieving carbon-neutral operations will cost around €2 billion, although half of this cost will be saved by developing new energy efficacy measures.

Diesel-powered vehicles, which are addressed as the main cause of rising pollution and associated health issues in many nations, are already witnessing a big fall in sales. Hamburg became the first city of Germany to halt older diesel-engine car sales. Further, various other towns and cities are now following in the footsteps to ban old diesel cars. Meanwhile, a big push has been given to the electric car market across the world.

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