Russia has no intentions to Support Venezuela’s Embattled Leader Nicolas Maduro

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow has no intention to send troops to support Venezuela’s war leader Nicolas Maduro.

Enouncing in St Petersburg, Putin also stated that a United States military involvement in Venezuela would be a “catastrophe”, stating that even Washington’s friends did not back such actions.

“We aren’t building any military bases there [Venezuela], we aren’t sending troops there, we have never done that,” Putin said when questioned about a recent Donald Trump tweet, in which the U.S. president mentions that Moscow had shared word with Washington that it had pulled its troops out of Venezuela.

Putin’s statement comes as the regional Lima Group urged nations that shore up Maduro’s government, specifically China, Russia, Cuba, and Turkey, to be part of Venezuela’s crisis solution.

“While the solution needs to be a Venezuelan one, the regional impact of the crisis requires the region and the international community to play a more active role in supporting a prompt return to democracy,” the Lima Group and European Union jointly said. 

In recent years, millions of people have left the nation, as a result of unemployment, hyperinflation, and food and medicine shortages. In May, Venezuela’s government met the opposition for discussions in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, but the talks ended without an agreement.  

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