Coca-Cola Coming Up with New Marketing Strategy; Investing in Neurosciences

Coca-Cola is changing its marketing strategy rapidly to maintain its presence on media platforms in unique ways to reach the new-generation consumers with fast-diminishing attention period and rising regionalisation of beverage consumption across the nation. The country’s biggest beverage manufacturer is also investing in neurosciences and analytics to know consumers’ views on products and marketing messages, a top official told.

“As much as we love the 30-second spot which continues to play, we are also focusing on multiple other touch points to stay relevant with consumer’s attention spans which have reduced dramatically.”, said Vijay Parasuraman, Vice-President, Marketing, at Coca-Cola India.

“For every time zone of the year, we have windows where the active viewing is much ahead than passive viewing.,” Parasuraman said. “We are pushing our agency partners to give us ideas that work everywhere.,” he added.

These days, a major challenge which companies are facing is how to deliver an idea across multiple platforms. The “one big shot on a television commercial with one celebrity’ days are over.”, he explained.

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