Boris Johnson to be Britain’s next PM

Boris Johnson has been voted Great Britain’s new prime minister, succeeding Theresa May. In the election held within the Conservative Party, he registered an overwhelming win against Jeremy Hunt. The formal swearing-in ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

It is a triumphant victory for the 55-year-old Johnson, who is touted as an erratic but ambitious politician, whose political career has witnessed both ends of the spectrum, the high office as well as the sidelines.

After the announcement of the results, Boris said in his first statement that he plans to, “deliver Brexit, unite the country, and defeat Jeremy Corbyn”.

The turnout for the vote, in which almost 160,000 Conservative Party members were eligible, was 87.4%. He garnered 66.4% of the votes, slightly less than what David Cameron had amassed in the 2005 Tory leadership election (67.6%).

“We are going to get Brexit done on 31 October and take advantage of all the opportunities it will bring with a new spirit of can do.”

“We are once again going to believe in ourselves, and like some slumbering giant we are going to rise and ping off the guy ropes of self-doubt and negativity”, he said Mrs. May extended her wishes to the newly-elected PM and promised him her “full support from the backbenches”

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