UK PM Theresa May resigns over Brexit dispute

UK Prime Minister Theresa May called it quits on May 24, giving rise to speculations about the new leader who is expected to take the Brexit divorce deal forward.

May took over the position at 10 Downing Street in 2016 amidst the turmoil that followed the 2016 Brexit vote with the resolution to solve the United Kingdom’s woes by getting it out of the bloc, which remains unresolved.

The Brexit crisis is expected to deepen after May’s exit, as the new leader is likely to push for a more decisive split, inviting the possibilities of a parliamentary election and a confrontation with the European Union. A tougher divorce deal will be demanded by the leading contenders for the UK prime minister post, even though the EU has refused to renegotiate the Withdrawal Treaty that it sealed in November 2018.

The prime minister has announced that she will resign as the Conservative Party leader on June 7, which will follow a leadership contest the same week. Though she tried to get the Brexit deal consented by the UK parliament, she faced multiple failures and will leave the country in a muddled state over how, when or if at all to leave the EU.

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