India is Ready to Share its Business Opportunities with the World

India is ready to share its business opportunities and economic prosperity with the world for a more flourished and stable future, Indian High Commissioner to Singapore, Jawed Ashraf, said. Speaking at a gathering of 300 delegates including business leaders and diplomats at the opening ceremony of the day-long World Opportunities Forum, Ashraf said that the development in India in areas like education, infrastructure, and skill development is better than the rest of the world.   

“We look forward to work with the world in sharing our opportunities, prosperity and working together to make the world a better, more peaceful, more stable, prosperous and sustainable in the future.,” Ashraf stated at the event.

Ashraf shared an overview on the opportunities thriving across the globe from the diffusion of economic power, technological disruptions, and growth acceleration in several countries that are creating new opportunities in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

“India is witnessing a change in politics, governance, policies, reforms, scale of investments and digital revolution. Also, the urban revolution that we are undergoing, the investments that is taking place in skill and education. The unprecedented scale of expansion of infrastructure in the country is one of the biggest infrastructure stories in the world.” he said at the event arranged by Sun Media Pte Ltd.

He added that India was constructing 30 km of expressways every day and inaugurated 30 additional airports and produced 1,000 GW of power during the last five years.

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