Hubble Telescope Found Stunning Spiral Galaxy Located About 30 Million Light-Years Away

The Hubble Space Telescope has spotted a beautiful spiral galaxy about 30 million light years away in the Leo constellation, NASA said. NASA and European Space Agency (ESA) are calling it a “perfect specimen” of a spiral galaxy, the amazing NGC 2903.

The spiral galaxy is the most stunning resident of the universe. It “…combines whirling, pinwheeling arms with scatterings of sparkling stars, glowing bursts of gas, and dark, weaving lanes of cosmic dust, creating truly awesome scenes especially when viewed through a telescope such as the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.”, NASA said in a statement.

The gorgeous NGC 2903, located nearly 30 million light years away, was analysed as part of a Hubble survey of the central region of around 145 nearby disk galaxies.

The Hubble survey was undertaken to help astronomers have a better understanding of the relationship between the black holes that hide at the cores of galaxies like these and the bulge of stars, gas and dust shaped like rugby-ball in the centre of galaxy.

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