‘Wrong Apps’ removed by Apple in gambling purge

In a crackdown on betting content, Apple has been blamed for inadvertently taking down applications from the Apple App Store

Many developers via social media complained that their applications had nothing to do with betting and were still removed from the App Store by Apple.

A Polish magazine, a platform for sending clips of Xbox games to friends and a gif-sharing service were among the affected applications.

The BBC has reached Apple for input on this matter.

Apple sent a message to the affected developers, saying that they were taking down betting related applications maid by people to decrease deceitful activities and agree to government solicitations to address illicit web-based betting activity.

As of late, Norway prevailed with regards to getting Apple to prohibit all betting applications from its App Store in the nation, in spite of the fact that the ongoing taking down of the apps seem to have been influenced all around the world.

A portion of the applications removed are currently returning on the web.

10 other developers had reached him to inform that they have also been hit by the ban, said a developer from Copenhagen, Mr. Stovring.

The co-ower of the application app iMagazine, Wojtek pietrusiewcz said that even his iMagazine has als been caught in the crossfire.

He said he thought the taking down of the apps may have happened on the grounds that the application contains access to the more extensive web, which enables clients to conceivably navigate to betting substance.

iMagazine has thousands of users and it’s application was down for 15 hours.

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